Friday, November 11, 2011


It's been 15 years since cancer took Grandpa Chambers. Wow! I wish I had been older and smarter before then. He had so many great stories to share. I wish he would have kept a journal. (note to self...keep a journal) I know Grandpa served in WWII, on a Naval the South Pacific I believe. Grandpa Chambers was loud and stubborn. He knew about everything and the stupid people on TV and in the Newspaper knew nothing! At the time I thought this was funny, but never thought anything about it. But now I see and hear myself saying and thinking the same things. Grandpa Chambers was before his time. It's fitting that Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th and Grandpa passed on the 10th. I still remember the service like it was yesterday. I had never been to a funeral that I could remember, and his was a Military Funeral at that. It was very moving, sitting next to my Grandma Chambers was an honor to me. I got to hold her hand, and during the six gun salute, that was not so much an honor. I never knew my Grandma had such a grip! But really, it was a very moving, touching heartfelt moment. We jumped at the shots being fired and with each one she gripped my hand a little harder. When they handed my Grandmother the folded flag I think we both lost it a little. There is something about a man that serves his country, pulls at the heart strings. Espeacially such a horrible time as war, and WWII for that matter. There was so much violence and terror during that time, anyone that stepped forward to stop it is a hero. This Veterans Day I remember and Honor my Grandfather Darwin S. Chambers for his service in WWII and his service the rest of his life, taking care of his family and being a wonderful Grandpa. The man I met last year on Veterans Day reminded me alot of him. (last years blog)He taught us to swim, and to say our prayers. He and Grandma said the Rosary with us every night. They taught us about Faith and God. They took us to gather nuts and grapefruits, and oranges. Grandpa taught us about loyalty. He was so loyal to his family. He taught us how to play cards. You never went to Grandpa's house without seeing a game of Solitare on the kitchen table. He smelled like roll-your-owns and butterscotch. Sometimes just the scotch! I am amazed at my Granparents, so many years together, so many trials and hardships, but personally I remember only the good times, the Holiday get togthers and the quite times I got to spend with them alone. I am so thankful that I still have my Grandmother. She is such an amazing woman. Hope soon that we can live closer together so that my boys will know her as much as I do. I found a few photos I thought I would share of my grandparents, so enjoy, and Remember our Veterans, this day and every day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"I will follow the Prophet"

" I will follow the Prophet by being kind to my friends and family"

Cody had his second Primary Program this year. He is growing up so fast. And next year will be Tanners turn! So Cody was so excited he had his part memorized for days. He had to button his own shirt and wear his big boy tie. He did a really good job, except he doesn't enjoy singing too much so he didn't sing at all. But he stood quietly with the other kids, patiently waiting for his turn at the mic.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

In the Wild

Cody has taken to climbing (very high)

Cody and Cy

Tanner the Taz

This weekend we went up to our neighbors camp to hang out and grill. After the Wallow fire there aren't many places left to enjoy the mountain but Greens Peak is still nice and not charcoaled. Cy (our neighbors son) and the boys have spent all sumemr together. This has been a gift for me because when they get super bored and I'm super busy with work, they can always play with Cy. Veronica and PJ are great nieghbors. They had helped us paint and other stuff when we were leaving to go to FL. And then when we came back things picked up right where we left off. I had kept in touch with Veroinca while in FL.

Anyways we had a great time hanging out at camp and look forward to our boys being great friends!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

So Cody has another year before he starts school, but Chase started this year and his first day sounded fun! He drew shapes and used scissors and had recess twice! Jeesh they were only there 2 hours and had recess twice. I wish I had gone to that school :)

This summer went by way too fast. With the fire evacuation and no cash fund things went by way too fast. We did some fun things and spent alot of time in the garden. Getting some things off already but so much more to come, and praying we don't have an early freeze.

My boys are growing up so fast. Today, Cody asked for a toy he saw on TV, and I told him we were trying to save money and he needed to play with the toys he already has. He said "Mom, someday when we have money can you tell Dad not to waste it!!" hahaha I laughed so hard.

Josh has been lacking in the luck department lately. Thursday playing softball he sprained his ankle pretty bad. It's been nearly a week and he's just now starting to be able to walk a little. Poor guy.

I've been busy canning and freezing goodies from our garden in addition to my normal job and other new nursing job. I love growing a garden and having all of the yummy food, but dang it's alotta hard work!

Well, Summer still feels like it's here but Fall is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce any minute. I'm not looking forward to the cold but there is a special feeling to Fall and Winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas, hot cocoa and carving pumpkins. I guess there is something to look forward to :)
Till next time <3

Time to Choose

There comes a time in life when we all look inside and see who we really are. I have heard this from self help guru's before and never really understood what this goobity gook was all about. Well, recent events have begun to change my mind about goobity gook, and made me really think about who I am and where I came from.
The World seems to be on fire with things looking worse and worse everyday. Many aspects of my life seem normal enough but when you watch the news or get the headlines from online I see things that I do not like. I've never really understood the "Middle East conflict". Brother Stroud once taught a bit about it in an Institute class I took. Lately I have been striving to learn what it is all about. For a summary (mostly for myself) Israel is a Sacred place, chosen by God for His people to rule. As a Latter Day Saint I believe that just as Adam was the Firstborn of all God's children, Israel is the firstborn Nation of God's nations. Jewish people obviously have a special relationship with the land of Israel. Their history in this land goes back thousands of years. Christan's also have a special relationship with the land of Israel. Jesus was born in Bethlehem which lies south of the city of Jerusalem, which of course is where the Temple was that Jesus taught in as a young boy. Jesus was also crucified and sealed int he Garden Tomb from where he resurrected. These places are also in Israel near Jerusalem. It is believed that the "Foundation Rock" which God created the earth from is still in the "Dome of the Rock" in Jerusalem, currently under Islam rule. Which brings me to the third group of people that have connections to Israel. Mohammad was the founder of Islam and the Koran teaches that Mohammad rode to Jerusalem and from there was transcended into Heaven.

Obviously all three core religions have a desire to visit these places and 'rule' them. Radical Islamic leaders however, are taught that unless they purge the Earth of all gentiles they are not following God's commandments. This ideology makes it difficult for Jews and Christians to cooperate with ruthless Islamic haters. The Jews have control over most of Israel today and Jews, Christians, and Muslims are free to worship, shop, sell and speak. Just over the border however lies Pakistan, Egypt and Syria. These countries are ruled by Sharia law and freedoms are very few, especially to non-Muslims, and women. The Muslims also control the "Dome of the Rock" simply because they were in possession of it during the war between Jews and Muslims and the Jews would not desecrate the Holy Temple with violence to overtake it. Bethlehem and the Garden Tomb are also in Islamic land and Jews are forbidden to visit, Christians are able to visit but it is dangerous and should be done in small groups.

So why do Radical Muslims hate Jews so much? The Koran teaches to hate Jews. Mohammad was converted from o Jew when he claims to have been visited by angel telling him to create Islam. At first the two religions were able to co-exist, but when Mohammad became upset with the Jews over political issues his hatred came out in his writings. Today strict followers of the Koran are indoctrinated to hate Jews and Christians. They believe the only way to Heaven is to encourage and fight for an all Islamic world.

This reminds me of a ruler who wanted an all Aryan world, and to be ruler of it. So many things today are similar to that of Nazi Germany. Everyone had their own problems, times were tough, jobs were hard to find. People in the US felt that as long as they had something to eat and no one was sending them or their families to the gas chamber then they should just stay out of it. Later, Americans realized what had happened but it was too late.

So why is any of this important? Well, remember I was trying to learn who I am and where I came from. In our Church we believe in Patriarchal Blessings. There is a Patriarch with the authority to declare a worthy members linage. I received my blessing the same year I was baptised and I learned I was a descendant of Ephraim. I took it for what it was and never gave it much thought until recently when I have been trying to connect with the people of Israel. I thought "Why do I feel such a connection with these people?" They are thousands of miles away in a world I know only from news stories about violence. So after studying a bit more about Israel and Jews and Nazi Germany and Islam, I decided to study myself. Ephraim is the son of Joseph, grandson of Jacob, descendant of Abraham and Issac. Jacob adopts Ephraim in Genesis 48 and bestows on him and his descendants the Abraham covenant, the same covenant Jews and Hebrews honor today. So I am literally an Israeli.

So now, what does that mean to me? I will stand with Israel against the violence coming at it from all sides. I will not be guilted or scared into forsaking it. I believe Israel has the right to defend itself from any attacks foreign or domestic and that the Jewish people of Israel deserve the land to worship how they please and freedom to live in peace. If the guillotines come to America and ask me to chose, life or death, I will choose eternal life and not forsake Israel, Christ or my freedom to worship him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Lil Diamondbacks

So the 2011 T-Ball season was cut short because of the Wallow Fire but we still had a good time and a picture to prove it!