Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

So Cody has another year before he starts school, but Chase started this year and his first day sounded fun! He drew shapes and used scissors and had recess twice! Jeesh they were only there 2 hours and had recess twice. I wish I had gone to that school :)

This summer went by way too fast. With the fire evacuation and no cash fund things went by way too fast. We did some fun things and spent alot of time in the garden. Getting some things off already but so much more to come, and praying we don't have an early freeze.

My boys are growing up so fast. Today, Cody asked for a toy he saw on TV, and I told him we were trying to save money and he needed to play with the toys he already has. He said "Mom, someday when we have money can you tell Dad not to waste it!!" hahaha I laughed so hard.

Josh has been lacking in the luck department lately. Thursday playing softball he sprained his ankle pretty bad. It's been nearly a week and he's just now starting to be able to walk a little. Poor guy.

I've been busy canning and freezing goodies from our garden in addition to my normal job and other new nursing job. I love growing a garden and having all of the yummy food, but dang it's alotta hard work!

Well, Summer still feels like it's here but Fall is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce any minute. I'm not looking forward to the cold but there is a special feeling to Fall and Winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas, hot cocoa and carving pumpkins. I guess there is something to look forward to :)
Till next time <3

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