Friday, November 11, 2011


It's been 15 years since cancer took Grandpa Chambers. Wow! I wish I had been older and smarter before then. He had so many great stories to share. I wish he would have kept a journal. (note to self...keep a journal) I know Grandpa served in WWII, on a Naval the South Pacific I believe. Grandpa Chambers was loud and stubborn. He knew about everything and the stupid people on TV and in the Newspaper knew nothing! At the time I thought this was funny, but never thought anything about it. But now I see and hear myself saying and thinking the same things. Grandpa Chambers was before his time. It's fitting that Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th and Grandpa passed on the 10th. I still remember the service like it was yesterday. I had never been to a funeral that I could remember, and his was a Military Funeral at that. It was very moving, sitting next to my Grandma Chambers was an honor to me. I got to hold her hand, and during the six gun salute, that was not so much an honor. I never knew my Grandma had such a grip! But really, it was a very moving, touching heartfelt moment. We jumped at the shots being fired and with each one she gripped my hand a little harder. When they handed my Grandmother the folded flag I think we both lost it a little. There is something about a man that serves his country, pulls at the heart strings. Espeacially such a horrible time as war, and WWII for that matter. There was so much violence and terror during that time, anyone that stepped forward to stop it is a hero. This Veterans Day I remember and Honor my Grandfather Darwin S. Chambers for his service in WWII and his service the rest of his life, taking care of his family and being a wonderful Grandpa. The man I met last year on Veterans Day reminded me alot of him. (last years blog)He taught us to swim, and to say our prayers. He and Grandma said the Rosary with us every night. They taught us about Faith and God. They took us to gather nuts and grapefruits, and oranges. Grandpa taught us about loyalty. He was so loyal to his family. He taught us how to play cards. You never went to Grandpa's house without seeing a game of Solitare on the kitchen table. He smelled like roll-your-owns and butterscotch. Sometimes just the scotch! I am amazed at my Granparents, so many years together, so many trials and hardships, but personally I remember only the good times, the Holiday get togthers and the quite times I got to spend with them alone. I am so thankful that I still have my Grandmother. She is such an amazing woman. Hope soon that we can live closer together so that my boys will know her as much as I do. I found a few photos I thought I would share of my grandparents, so enjoy, and Remember our Veterans, this day and every day!

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